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Retirement Security NOW: Pittsburgh

Seniors gathered in Pittsburgh's southside neighborhood on 4/29/15 to discuss Retirement Security. This event was planned to coincide with the White House Conference on Aging regional meeting taking place in Cleveland. Speakers were PA Alliance President Wayne Burton, USW Retiree Director Jim Centner and Alliance staff Adam Swope. Topics included Social Security, Medicare and pensions. The event was about 90 minutes long. These are some quick highlights.

Friday Alert

AMA Announces New Policy to Make Prescription Drugs More Affordable


AMA Announces New Policy to Make Prescription Drugs More Affordable The American Medical Association last week called for a ban on direct-to-consumer ads for prescription drugs and implantable medical devices, saying they contribute to rising costs and patients' demands for inappropriate treatment. Delegates at the powerful group's meeting in A...

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Press Release

June 30, 2015

PA Alliance for Retired Americans Urges Veto of Republican Legislature’s Budget

“The proposed budget ignores the historic statewide victory won by Governor Wolf last fall as he campaigned on restoring education funding and education equity to our public schools, the severance tax and ending the budget gimmicks that were the hallmark of most Corbett budgets.   In addition to being good policy, these proposals enjoy widespread public support. The PA Alliance supports his proposals to increase the minimum wage and provide property tax relief for seniors by shifting to other taxes.

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