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Retirement Security NOW: Pittsburgh

Seniors gathered in Pittsburgh's southside neighborhood on 4/29/15 to discuss Retirement Security. This event was planned to coincide with the White House Conference on Aging regional meeting taking place in Cleveland. Speakers were PA Alliance President Wayne Burton, USW Retiree Director Jim Centner and Alliance staff Adam Swope. Topics included Social Security, Medicare and pensions. The event was about 90 minutes long. These are some quick highlights.

Friday Alert

Trans-Pacific Partnership Threatens Medicare


Trans Pacific Partnership Threatens Medicare On Thursday, the Senate voted to end debate on giving President Obama “Fast Track” Trade Promotion Authority which would allow the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) to be implemented without amendments. The house of Representatives has not yet voted an the measure, which the Alliance oppose...

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Press Release

January 21, 2015

Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans Congratulates Governor Wolf

“Today Governor Wolf spoke about the challenge facing the middle class. He spoke about leveling the playing field for families and for small businesses in our state through better education, more efficient and effective government, and investments in what our state needs to succeed.  He also spoke about reaching across the aisle as our state moves once again into an era of divided government.  Ultimately, if Governor Wolf is successful, Pennsylvania retirees will enjoy better golden years in stronger communities.

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