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Rachel Tabachnick on ALEC and the Right Wing

Researcher and Author Rachael Tabachnick discusses how the Right Wing has infiltrated our nation's and our states' public policy process through ALEC and allies in state capitols across the county. This free event sponsored by he Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans took place in Erie, PA in September 2014.

Friday Alert

House Republican Budget is a Frontal Assault on Seniors’ Needs


This week, Congressional Republicans put forward a version of a Fiscal Year 2016 Budget that contains cuts to Medicare beneficiaries and threatens Social Security. Alliance Executive Director Richard Fiesta issued a statement on Wednesday saying “the budget plan put forward by House Republicans today is a frontal assault on the needs of se...

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Press Release

January 21, 2015

Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans Congratulates Governor Wolf

“Today Governor Wolf spoke about the challenge facing the middle class. He spoke about leveling the playing field for families and for small businesses in our state through better education, more efficient and effective government, and investments in what our state needs to succeed.  He also spoke about reaching across the aisle as our state moves once again into an era of divided government.  Ultimately, if Governor Wolf is successful, Pennsylvania retirees will enjoy better golden years in stronger communities.

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